Berliner Museumsverband e.V.


Stiftung KUNSTFORUM der Berliner Volksbank gGmbH is of course also a member of the Berliner Museumsverband e.V. (Association of Museums in Berlin).

The Association of Museums in Berlin consists of its member museums, the Board of Directors, the specialist and working groups and circles and the office. Together we form a network that works with various partners.

The goals of the Association of Museums in Berlin are mutual advice, support and cooperation between the museums in Berlin. The Association of Museums in Berlin pursues three main areas of work:

Further development of the museological task fields of collecting, preserving, researching, education and presentation/communication: For this purpose, the employees of the Berlin museums are combined in specialist groups of the Association of Museums in Berlin.

Representation of the interests of the museums in Berlin in all areas of cultural policy and cultural administration: This task is performed by the eleven elected board members, the chairman and the managing director.

Networking of the museums and support of internal and visitor-oriented communication.