Featured image © Stiftung KUNSTFORUM der Berliner Volksbank gGmbH, Foto: Franz Michael Rohm

Mauer(n) ritzen – Sgraffito auf Ölpastell


For the exhibition “ZEITENWENDE – Dreißig Jahre Mauerfall. Werke aus der Kunstsammlung der Berliner Volksbank,” the Werkstatt für Kreative teaches the special technique of “sgraffito” in age-differentiated workshops.

The workshop “Mauer(n) ritzen – Sgraffito auf Ölpastell” is divided into two parts. First, in the theoretical part, during the joint visit to the exhibition in the art forum, participants are introduced, and their curiosity awakened, to techniques and motifs using two or three works from the Berliner Volksbank collection.

Under the professional guidance of art educators, the practical part in the rooms of the Werkstatt für Kreative encourages and stimulates the participants’ own creativity. Children and young people are guided by the oil pastel painting style of the Berlin-based artist Giuseppe Madonia. Imaginative motifs are scraped and scratched out of densely pigmented layers of paint.

  • for children and young people between 5 and 18 years
  • registration is required
  • the offer is free of charge.

If the quota is exhausted, it is possible to book an additional workshop for a small fee.